I'm Cassidy.

I'm a science communicator at the University of Ottawa! I'm passionate about telling science stories to better our world.

I believe that all scientists have stories to share. Whether you want to get paid to communicate science, or you're a scientist who knows how critical communication is to your career trajectory, you're in the right place. 


I'm the Communications Director at the Pelling Lab, which is most well-known for growing human ears out of apples. Yes, really.

Between our two TED Talks, several award-winning museum exhibitions, two podcasts, and four spinout companies, you could say we're passionate about science communication.


Our scicomm efforts have helped us reach an international audience, translate our research into the 'real world', and keep our lab self-sustaining.


We know how valuable it is to be able to promote your science, and I'm here to help you through the journey!

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The need for effective science communication transcends every scientist's need to promote their own work. Given the unprecedented global challenges we're facing, building trust in science and scientists is more important than ever. We can only do that with effective, evidence-based science communication.

Why SciComm?

I've spent the last 6 years learning the ins and outs of science communication. It's been quite an exciting - and unusual - adventure!


it went something
like this...



Started my bachelor's degree in biology and communication at uOttawa. Begged the under-construction Canada Science and Technology Museum to let me volunteer for them. It worked!

Became obsessed with science communication while volunteering for the museum, a student science journal, and Let's Talk Science.



Got hired as the Museum's first ever Science Communicator - a position that was created for me! I led a flagship scicomm program (sponsored by Google!) and an exhibit on citizen science.

Started as the Communications Director for the Pelling Lab,  founded a federal nonprofit called Pulsar Collective, and did a TEDx Talk! 



Interned in comms at the environmental nonprofit Water Rangers, and traversed the globe to study science communication at the University of Western Australia. 

Graduated from my HBSc., started my graduate thesis in science communication, launched the podcast, and did it all during a pandemic!


...and now we're here!

Designed water health testing products for Water Rangers, and developed the SciComm School course.

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Cassidy discusses how metaphors can fuel "lightbulb" moments in science communication.

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Learn how to quickly and effectively pitch your research to anyone - even non-scientists.


Cassidy interviews Dr. Andrew Pelling, the biophysicist who can grow ears out of apples and spinal cords out of asparagus.  

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